What Is A Haulage Contractor

What is Haulage?

There will always be transportation of goods as long as there is transportation of people. When people move from one place to another, their goods must follow. Likewise, the movement of goods will result from buying at a location different from yours.

The only question is about ‘how’ which brings us to the haulage question.

What is haulage? Haulage is the transportation of goods by road or by rail (train). It involves the movement of goods in large quantities from the manufacturer’s place to the retailers or consumers.

The destination can be a warehouse, factory, consumer outlet, or a depot. The transportation done by road or rail uses trucks, big vans, trailers, and trains.

Various industries across the world employ haulage services. Even government agencies and sectors make use of haulage services as and when due. Industries like agriculture, mining, petroleum, and construction regularly use haulage in transferring their products and equipment.

Is Haulage the Same Thing as Freight?

Many times, people have ignorantly taken haulage to mean the same as freight. One is different from the other, although there are similarities between the two terms. However, haulage is not the same as freight.

While haulage is the transportation of goods by road or rail, freight is the transportation of heavy goods by land, water, or air. Freight makes use of a train, truck, ship, and plane for transporting goods. Majorly, freight is used in the transportation of goods over a long-distance or overseas.

By implications, haulage can be called a type of freight. Freight involves the transportation of heavy goods using trucks and trains, which is haulage. However, freight is not the same as haulage as it involves transportation by sea and air too. Examples of freight are inland freight, shipment, and air freight.

What are the Types of Haulage?

There are different types of haulage, depending on the type of goods. They include;

  • General Haulage

General haulage is a haulage service that various industries can employ. It can be used for transporting agricultural produce, construction equipment, and others alike. It is capable of serving different sectors and industries effectively.

  • Vehicle Haulage

Vehicle haulage involves the transportation of a vehicle from one place to another. It is used for moving cars or any form of vehicles from the manufacturer to the display venue. Car manufacturers and car dealers majorly use it.

  • Hazardous Haulage

It involves the movement of dangerous chemicals and toxic substances. It is a unique haulage service done under strict supervision by the government. The agricultural sector commonly uses it for transporting fertilizers.

  • Heavy Haulage

Heavy haulage is used in transporting heavy equipment by construction companies. Items like cranes, construction equipment, and farm machinery go by heavy haulage.

  • Abnormal Load Haulage

Items like bridges, cranes, and wind turbine systems are transported by abnormal load haulage. It involves the transportation of unusual and irregular goods.

Other types of haulage are waste disposal haulage, parcel delivery haulage, and fragile goods haulage.

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