UK haulage rates in 2021

UK haulage rates in 2021

When looking for a haulage company, you, of course, want to know the best UK haulage rates, right? Within transport costs there are a large number of factors that must be taken into account. This can require us a lot of work to be able to calculate that quote for freight rates and that transport in the United Kingdom each day.

Of course, this mileage is going to be very important, it is necessary that we take into account all that weight of the dimensions, along with the time scale or certain additional costs that may arise. These rates will be present throughout the continent and that way we can buy with all those courier services. Here we are going to give you a more or less general description of all those factors that are going to contribute to these prices, we will see it in the following sections.

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 The factors of the vehicle.

Both the size and the type of vehicle will not be very relevant to calculate this transport rate. We will have the same price for people who need a large articulated truck, as for all those who only need to have a smaller truck, approximately 8 tons. The difference that there is to obtain a reduction in that rental price, may be that the vehicle is smaller to be driven by anyone else who has a driving license, the older the better. The most important factors are undoubtedly both the weight and the dimensions of that load.

The weight and dimensions

Weight is the most important factor in determining the best trucking rate. But, this is not done in a simple way, but it will depend on the gross weight of that load. Thus, the transport rate will be calculated thanks to the specific dimensions of the load.
These dimensions of the load are going to be used for the calculation of the dimensional weight, or the volumetric weight. The calculation of the volumetric weight is done by multiplying the volume of the load by 250. When obtaining the result we must determine if this is greater than the weight expressed in kg, that rate will be based on the weight in volume meters, never on the gross weight.

When two trucks are going to transport those boxes of the same size, the boxes are filled with pens and brick in the other case, the rate will change here. That truck that goes with boom boxes is not going to be using weight capacity efficiently. It does not make any sense to charge more additional money due to the box of those bricks even if that gross weight is greater, because all of them are going to obtain the same volume.
Therefore, if we take into account that volumetric weight, the driver can set that price that is fairer. It is also possible that the capacity of that volume of the car has to be taken into account. In this case of the example, those brick throw boxes are going to be loaded by gross weight and those feathers by dimensional weight, all speaking of the capacity of that particular vehicle.

Economies of scale

Those prices that the transport has will depend on everything that is worth for the pipeline itself to make the trip. An example of this is that the transport company is going to have a great opportunity to carry more goods on that trip, it is a good option for these people. So, those fees are going to be lowered for the largest volume of pallets instead of just one. In this way, the company will benefit by being able to send a much larger load at one time, yes, if possible. Thus, these economies of scale will save money.

The price depends on the country of Europe

On average, the mile costs about 1.5 pounds in the UK. But for destinations throughout the European continent, it will depend on the country of destination. Now we are going to show you different price possibilities. They are as follows:

  • We have 1 package with these dimensions 120 * 100 * 200 ka at about 1,000kg. It is going to be shipped from the UK to France, at a cost of £ 24 per mile.
  • We have 5 pallets with these dimensions 120 * 100 * 150 and with 250 kg each of these pallets. It is going to be shipped from Kingdom One to France. the cost will be approximately £ 1.19 per mile.
  • We have a package that has dimensions that are 100 * 60 * 100 to about 200 kg. Shipping is made from the UK to Spain. Cost is £ 13 per mile.
  • We have a package with dimensions from 800 * 1250 * 560 to about 250 kg. The shipment will be made from the United Kingdom to Germany. Cost is £ 14 per mile.

Transportation compared to couriers

While with a specific type of transport many loads will be sent in the caliones, those couriers will focus on all types of packages that are individual or smaller. Although this service may be convenient, it will be more expensive because it will pay for the package and the urgency of delivery, as a more or less important factor for the cost.

The flexibility with the delivery date.

It is possible to be flexible with the delivery date, that is, the time scale. In this way, you can get a more or less reduced rate. Prices will be lower, in the event that the driver has the option of bringing another type of cargo, for example, to save time. That speed is one of the most expensive factors. The cost of transporting that freight per mile, but it will depend on the urgency of delivery.
This price of transport in principle per mile within the United Kingdom will be calculated depending on the time and costs of the service itself. This standard hourly time is going to be calculated by including factors such as wages or overhead. Distance, maintenance, fuel must be included, along with other types of factors that must be considered. If this truck is going to travel by toll road, by ferry, this is going to increase the price.

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