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Parcel Delivery Services UK

AKR light haulage UK is the UK’s largest independent delivery specialist offering a huge range of services and access points. We guarantee the lowest possible rates for every delivery solution – no hidden extras.

Our dedicated team delivers every parcel with care. We’re all about reliable parcel delivery with a personal touch offering a huge range of services and access points. You only pay for the speed you need – you can take our quality for granted.

Whether it’s for business or personal use, AKR light haulage offers a comprehensive range of services to make sure your parcels arrive safely and on time every time. We have access to over 4,000 collection boxes, hubs and depots across the UK. And with a dedicated team on hand to deliver every parcel with care, you can rest assured that whatever your delivery needs, we’ve got it covered.

Our UK delivery network is designed to get your parcel from A to B as quickly as you need. Find out more about our delivery options, including next day, timed and Saturday delivery. AKR light haulage offer a range of parcel deliveries – whether you’re sourcing for a small parcel or need a quick and guaranteed solution for overnight delivery, we can provide the service you need.

One Of The Leading UK Haulage Companies

AKR Heavy Haulage is a leading provider of Cargo transport and heavy haulage services in the UK. We offer customers cost-effective solutions that boost their productivity, safety, reliability… and cargo’s journey can be tracked at any time.

What is parcel shipping?

Parcel shipping is the transportation of lighter, smaller boxed items that weigh less than 100 pounds. Typically, parcel means packages that can be lifted without assistance. If you need to ship multiple packages at a time, parcel shipping may be the best choice for you. Your orders will arrive on pallets, wrapped up in plastic film and strapped with stretch wrap. Each pallet has a delivery address label so you don’t have to mark every box with the receiver’s address. You will have the ability to track your shipment on-line using your account number and PIN.

Parcel shipping is the right option for light packages that are usually shipped in boxes, such as shoes, toys, books, and similar small products. It’s an economical way to ship your products if you need to move a few smaller packages at a time.

With parcel shipping, you can ship packages that weigh less than 100 pounds to save on shipping costs. With delivery confirmation returns and a wide variety of shipping options available, it’s easy to find the best fit for your needs.

As a leading parcel shipping company in the UK, we are able to offer affordable parcel shipping rates within the United Kingdom. Our carriers specialize in transporting small packages to ensure that they will arrive safely and on time. We can also deliver using our freight shipping services.