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Flatbed and Light Haulage Liverpool – Quick Haulage Services

We can now pickup goods from anywhere in the UK and deliver them back to any site, on the same day.

Looking for a haulage company in Liverpool?

AKR have a range of flatbed, 3.5 wagons, and 7.5 wagons in our Liverpool haulage company services.

We have several types of vehicles ready to help with varying delivery requirements.

We offer a unique service. Not only are we freight forwarders; we also operate our own fleet of vehicles, including all types of specialist equipment, allowing us to deliver your items quickly and efficiently.

We can transport anything from household items, to construction items.

We are fully insured on alll our vans, and all of the AKR light haulage team have years of experience in transporting goods across places like Preston, Manchester and the UK.

At AKR, we can take care of all your transport needs. From smaller packages to entire moving shipments, we can provide a service that is quick and efficient, and professional in every way. Every one of our Liverpool-based hauliers are ADR-certified, to guarantee that they are properly trained and know the areas well. If you need a versatile transport service, look no further than us to provide an exceptional solution for your needs.

Looking for a haulage company in Liverpool?

Transportation services have always been a problem. But you shouldn't worry because we will be glad to help you. We are one of the most consistent and well-known transportation companies in Liverpool. We can provide you almost every kind of transportation service even if it is really urgent or you need it on short notice. Coming from a company that has been in the fleet business for over a decade, we have decided to take the plunge into the land of autonomy and share some snippets of knowledge that we have learned both through reading and through experience.

We are the B2B fulfillment specialists, collaboratively developing integrated supply chains for specialised industries. We pride ourselves on being your platform to empower businesses, both large and small, to compete within their market effectively.

Get A Haulage Quote Today!

We are one of the top haulage companies in the North West. Here's what to expect;

We offer an on board courier service for customs and time critical consignments

Customs clearance and freight forwardingWe can deliver parcels, pallets, general goods, electricals and more

National and international urgent collections and deliveries

Same day/next day/2 man deliveries/economy

Services covering UK, Ireland and mainland Europe

Proof of delivery (POD) is available for all deliveries

We have fully insured vehicles with Goods in Transit insurance

Our transit vehicles include small, short wheel base, long wheel base and extra-long wheelbase vans

There are many haulage companies out there. But, we believe our second to none customer service and delivery satisfaction rate really makes us stand out from the crowd.

Choosing The Best UK Flatbed Liverpool Haulage Company

AKR haulage company offers a range of vehicles for transporting your goods! Whether you need supplies delivered quickly and efficiently on site, or need something that's fragile to be transported across the UK – AKR are here to help.

In our fleet of vans, we have numerous vehicles such as 3.5 flatbeds and 7.5 flatbeds.

What is road haulage?

Road haulage is the transportation of cargo by truck. It is also called long distance haulage or less commonly, long haulage. Another synonym for the term is Van Transport. Road Hauliers often operate over distances of hundreds or thousands of miles, transporting shipments to and from such places as Europe or Asia, whilst local trucking operations can be as short a haulage operation: from distribution depot to distribution depot.

Transporting your vulnerable/precious goods across the UK using a Flat Bed 7.5 lorry

When transporting good, it's important they're well covered and protected. What our drivers will do is:

Sheet the items if necessary

Strap the crates to the lorry to ensure security

Strap any items not in crates

Why Flat Bed Vans are useful for your Business?

It's super-easy to load or offload your delivery on site by using a crane, the Flat Bed Lorry is perfectly designed to allow you to do this.

Flat Bed vans such 7.5 wagons are ideal if you know the drop off point is far from where you need the supplies to be. One of the biggest benefits is fork lift truck packing. You simply fold down the side, or curtain, and then load up the side wagon.

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