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Difference Between Haulage and Courier Services

Difference Between Haulage and Courier Services

Logistics ranks among the fastest-growing sectors in the economy of the UK. This recent expansive growth is fast. This surge resulted from an increased need for transport logistics by many companies.

Logistics has improved efficient service delivery in many companies in its short existence. There are potentials for more in the future.
Logistics has many categories. There is supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, order fulfilment, and many more. Of all groups, freight logistics

has the most extensive range of products. It also reaches a considerable number of areas.

When outsourcing logistics, you need to consider several factors. First, some transportation types are best suited for certain goods. The distance would also determine the method of transportation.

In this article, we will examine two types of freight logistics; courier services and haulage. You will learn what they are the differences between the two. As a Manchester haulage company, we thought we should share this information!

What is Courier Service?

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Generally speaking, courier service companies offer parcel delivery across the UK. In some cases, their services can be across the globe. There are many of these companies in the UK. In simple terms, they are involved in transporting handy packages.

Their services are usually similar, and they are either business or domestic courier services. The deliveries could be within 24 hours or more.
Using courier companies is disadvantaged, especially when delivering small parcels. This disadvantage comes in the form of a high price. The pricing is, however, justified by the short waiting period for deliveries.

Another advantage is that the customer can track his parcel while awaiting delivery. This factor, in a way, gives the customer peace of mind.

What is a Haulage Company?

Haulage companies, unlike courier service companies, transport large and bulkier goods. So, road haulage companies distribute containers or pallets of merchandise.

Generally speaking, haulage trips do not have multiple starts and stop locations. That is, the trips start from their origin and only stop where the package is to be delivered.

The cost of insurance for haulage could be very high. This insurance is to account for damages that could occur during transportation. These damages, which happen by accident, could be physical or financial.

Most of the time, the focus of haulers is freighting using large trucks. Some others are usually more interested in warehousing. Also, haulage companies deal with the shipping of containers.

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Road Haulage VS Courier Services

Road haulage and courier service companies use the same policies. The policy classifies them under Carriage of Goods. However, they differ in many ways.

For instance, in haulage, contracts are usually specific. The contracts often specify what is to be transported and who is to get deliveries daily. Appointments are typically pre-booked. So, they have an idea of what they are carrying. These terms come before the goods are loaded for transport.

On the other hand, couriers, in most cases, do not have specified contracts. However, there might be exceptions where some businesses might employ their parcel delivery services. Generally, their deliveries are one-time off. Their customers usually come through advertisements.

Courier services do not require prior notice. Their services can be employed at any time of the day. Also, they do not need to be aware of the contents of the package they are transporting.

However, the crucial difference between the two lies in the size of the goods transported. While haulers carry more substantial items and large scale goods, couriers carry lighter packages and small-scale items.

Haulage companies carry more containers and goods in pallets. Couriers, on the other hand, are concerned with parcels and letters.

Haulage companies aim to deliver a large number of products. Therefore, haulage companies use heavier vehicles like trucks. This choice is so that they can carry all of their products.

In contrast, courier service companies are more concerned with delivering on time. This factor is why they use bicycles, motorcycles, and cars for their deliveries. This means of transportation help them easily navigate their way to make their deliveries at the right time.

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